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About Company

Paul Ahrens, owner of Precise Ice and known as The Ice Man, coaxes dazzling swans, flames of fire, entwined hearts and corporate logos from 400 pound blocks of ice, using power tools, a chisel and a lifetime of artistic energy. Creating 7 to 15 pieces each week and working alone, he invests one to two hours on each piece, and more than three or more on more complicated creations.
His work adorns special events all over the Columbus area. "I carved a life-sized horse once out of four blocks of ice for the Quarter Horse Congress. Another time, I only had 24 hours notice to create the presidential seal for George Bush’s visit to Columbus," he says. "My favorite regular piece I do is called 'Fire & Ice' Its swirling pieces of ice with candles throughout. It’s great for weddings because it’s just like marriage – hot and cold, up and down."
Ahrens loves doing demonstrations for events also, where he gets a crowd involved by asking for ideas of what to carve and also providing giant blocks of ice with coins frozen inside that children can take turns chiseling out. He provides safety goggles, gloves and carving tools. The kid’s favorite part of his show is when he brings out his 'Frankenstein Saw', a piece of equipment that Paul created out of 3 or 4 other power tools. He always gets a laugh from the dads as he warns them not to attempt building this at home! He then turns his back to the kids and rips into the ice shooting a spray of 'snow' 10 feet towards them.
Whether you need a large, detailed piece for a corporate event or wedding reception or a more delicate piece to enhance a private party or special occasion, Paul is completely hands on and will guide you thru every step of the ordering process to ensure your vision is clearly seen in the final sculpture. From design consultation to actual production and sculpting of the ice and final delivery and set-up, Precise Ice will make sure all your expectations are exceeded.



Paul AhrensOur master sculptor, Paul Ahrens, also known as The Ice Man has more than twenty-five years experience and has earned a well deserved reputation for being both artistic and innovative.